Video Traffic X Review By Andy Fletcher

Product: Video Traffic X

Launch Date: October 20th, 2015

Price: $37 (With 1 OTO)


Verdict: 100% Recommend

What is Video Traffic X?

Video Traffic X (VTX, pretty sick acronym, right?) is a credit-based video creating service that was created by Andy Fletcher.

Andy Fletcher is a software developer that has created tools that his clients have been happy to pay for month after month.

Video Traffic X creates unique and relevant videos, and all you have to do is click a button! The Video Traffic plugin selects articles and images based on the keywords used in your article. Unless of course you would like to manually select the keywords you want the video created with.

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The software then sends the keywords to the Video Traffic servers, where they turn it into a completely unique video that is optimized to get Google’s attention. The videos have voice overs, subtitles, imagery, and also come with background music.

VTX will produce all of the relevant and unique videos that you are going to need to really dominate your chosen niche, and stay at the top for a really (Read: forever) long time.

Video Traffic X Review

Video Traffic X is an amazing resource that any SEO is going to NEED to have. With push button videos, this is going to save you tons of time and money.

You are going to be able to create videos that have exactly what Google and Youtube are looking for when they rank. VTX is primarily for SEO, and is specifically created to bring traffic to your site.  And everyone knows, that you can’t make any money without traffic.


This is a great product that anyone that has anything to do with making videos will need to have.  This product gives you an unfair advantage over your competitors and you’re going to need this to stay competitive as it becomes more and more common.

If you have been trying to get into the SEO business, this is a perfect way to finally get in the game, and start making some money.


If you ever have to make videos, then you are going to love this product. You can create videos with literally just one click and all of the hard work is done for you behind the scenes.

If you are tired of wasting your time creating videos and sick of making videos that don’t rank, then this is for you.  For a small monthly payment you’ll never have that problem again.

This is the first and only Video creation plugin that is completely focused on driving traffic. Video Traffic X is going to change the way you do your SEO, and if you will let it, its going to save you tons of time and money.

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Video traffic X Pricing

If you buy this product during the launch week you are going to be getting a 60% discount on any credits you buy, and you’ll also have the option to get the same number of credits on a monthly basis at this heavily discounted rate. The service runs on credits that you can buy in bulk or on a monthly basis.  They have several subscription options.

Front End Pricing: $37/$47/$97 (based on the number of credits you want to have on a monthly basis.

OTO 1: You will have the opportunity to lock yourself in at the launch week pricing.

After the launch week, prices are going to go up to more than $100/month. If you decide to buy Video Traffic X make sure you do it ASAP so you don’t end up paying 3-4x as much as you can be.

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Bonus 1:  Traffic Wave Sources

Video Traffic X Bonus

In this report I will show you exactly what to do to optimize your site and get thousands of free, targeted visitors to your site a month.

Bonus 2: Rule Reddit

Video Traffic X Review

Reddit is one of the most active online communities out there, and this guide will show you exactly what to do to use it to get valuable traffic.

Bonus 3: The Ultimate Social Media Plan

Video Traffic X Review

We are offering The Ultimate Guide to propelling your business forward with high traffic social media sites. Learn how to use social traffic to get tons of targeted traffic to your site.

Bonus 4: Get Traffic V2

Traffic V2 Includes 7 video modules that show you the best way to get tons of free traffic using sites such as Youtube, Twitter, and Linkedin. With VTX helping your videos convert like crazy, you are going to want as much traffic as you can possibly get.

Bonus 5: 200 Social Media Tactics

Video Traffic X Bonus

We are revealing the top 200 tricks and methods that you need to dominate marketing on Social Media. This is a bonus that you are not going to want to miss. You can finally have ads that are getting you the highest volume of targeted ads possible.

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100% Recommended

Whether you make videos for your own sites and marketing or whether you make videos for others, you can’t afford to not get this product.  I’m planning on purchasing this as soon as I can and  I know that it’s going to make me much more than it costs.

Video Traffic X Review

With a 30 day satisfaction guaranteed there is nothing to lose trying this product. VTX has an awesome customer support staff and if you are disappointed in anyway they will be happy to give you a full refund.

If you don’t get it in the first week you can still pick it up, but it’s going to cost you a lot more, so get on it as soon as you can!

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